We have all had times when our body isn’t up to the physical demands we usually place on it.  Well, that’s my story at least. Becoming injured with carpal tunnel that was so painful it hurt to have the sheets over my arms at night (!), and didn’t quite allow for a strong yoga practice.  Enter Restorative Yoga. This practice, introduced to me as “Therapeutic Yoga” is just as relaxing as it sounds.

A typical Restorative yoga session combines gentle yoga with restorative postures supported by soft blankets, cushions or yoga bolsters.  Guided meditation or even specific breathwork is incorporated to help you deeply relax. Often, a light eye pillow is offered and essential oils are available during the practice.  The session will feel nurturing, gentle and safe. That’s because Restorative Yoga is brilliant at tempering our “fight, flight, or freeze” response, and replacing it with deep relaxation that nourishes the body and supports the immune system. Restorative Yoga can be practiced by itself or poses can be integrated at the end of a Pilates or more traditional yoga session.  As with any movement practice, the more you integrate this in your life, the more you will feel the benefits of reduced stress on a daily basis.