And then there were two. Announcing the birth of our second son!

Eliano León Hernández was born January 25th, 2020 (Chinese New Year!) at 5:45pm weighing 7 pounds, 14 ounces, and measuring 21 inches long.


Greetings everyone!

Thank you so much for your good thoughts, prayers, check-in messages, gifts for Giove, and excitement for us these last couple weeks. Eliano came two days early (just like his brother!), and we have been recovering and getting to know our little guy ever since. The team at the hospital was awesome – everyone from our delivery doctor, the nurses, and our super compassionate and caring postnatal nurses. We are grateful for the outstanding care we had. Yesterday afternoon we came home and by some miracle we all got good sleep our first night in!

So far our oldest is a confident, curious, and eager big brother! He couldn’t wait to hold his sibling and check out is tiny tiny toes and hands. (Oh, and his diapers. He is facsinated by his brother’s poop. Must be a boy thing.)

What’s in a name?

Many of you who know us personally know that name choice is a big deal for us! We love unique names that have meaning to us, our personal past, or our adventures together. Eliano is a name that my husband thought of, and I loved it immediately. León is a city in Northern Spain, that we stayed in for a week in 2017 when we completed the Camino de Santiago with our first son, Giove. We loved that city, felt very cared for there, and it left a special place in our hearts. Eliano is derivative of “sun” in ancient Greek (Hugo calls him our little bundle of sunshine), and of course, León, like Leo, means lion. I should mention that our first son named him “Baby Jet” while he was in my belly. When his teachers asked him this morning what we named the baby he reported “Jet”.  🙂 We happily accept Jet as his nickname, but it didn’t quite make the birth certificate.

How am I feeling?

So happy, relieved, and contented that he is here, that I am not pregnant anymore, and that we have a bit of time together as a family!!  Some of you have asked if you can make us a meal, and that is so kind of you. I do not have a meal train set up, as I don’t want to impose, but because some of you have offered, we graciously want to acknowledge and accept. Just send me a text and we can sort out a date. It’s so nice to have a proper appetite again, so thanks a million!

I hope you all are well and in good health and spirits.

I look forward to hearing from you as time permits.  In the mean time, keep up your practice! Keep moving!

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