The challenge of sharing prime real estate. Plus, exercises for your core.

Sharing space at home

It can be hard to find a ten minute spot of quiet time in a somewhat small, very busy space.  A space that is both a library and a construction site, an airport and a train station.  An area that is not only used for watching movies but also for putting out fires.  I am speaking of course, about my living room. A.k.a my son’s favorite place to play. When I was getting ready to film the video below, I asked Giove to be SUPER quiet if he wanted to stay with me in the room.

‘OK!‘ he said.  He was on board from the start.
Me: ‘That means no helicopter noises.’ 
‘Right!’  he said agreeably.
Me again: ‘And no jumping up and down.
Giove: ‘OK, Mama.’ 
Me: ‘OK, good. Then you can stay.’
Giove: ‘Mama…Is breathing ok?
Me, holding back both a smile and a tear: ‘Yes, sweetie, breathing is OK. In fact, it is encouraged.’

YES to us all – breathing is OK. With our lives changing by the minute, our jobs on hold and our families at a distance there is very little we have control over right now. So little.  But we do have our breath.  I am not going to naively suggest we are all able to take calming breaths every moment to get us through this.  No, our breath is so much more dynamic and powerful than that.  Yes, of course we have the ability to take a deep breath when we feel safe in the comfort of our own homes.  We also have the choice to hold our breath for an extra second or two as we digest the latest news.  Maybe we take a long exhale when we hear from someone we love via call, text or email.  Perhaps we permit ourselves to sit alone and inhale the aroma of our favorite coffee or tea in silence while we take a break from the latest updates.  In other words, our breath is not only life giving, it is a tool.  It can change with us and for us.

So today at some point remember you still have your breath. Play with it. Draw in an extra long inhale when you step outside.  Let yourself sigh audibly the next time you feel like just can’t hold in silence. Feel your breath in your belly – let it rise and fall – when you wake up in the morning. And lastly, because I am your voice of exercise encouragement, challenge your breath with movement.  Keep moving.  Even if it’s just ten minutes on your mat and a short walk outside.

Now back to the video.  After it was “quiet on the set”, I was able to film a nine minute sequence with a few exercises for your core.  These are a couple of my favorites including one that I feel is the most beneficial to any other core exercise you could do.  Intrigued? Check it out. 🙂 Oh, and in case you are curious, it was the second take.  The first take was interrupted by the aforementioned four year old mimicking police car noises giving me “ticket” for invading the play area past my allotted time…

Oh vey.

In breathing, sharing space and working your core,


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