Sitting a lot? Stretches to do at home.

Baby Eliano

I have to admit I am the person that hems and haws before she has to break down and buy new technology. It’s not exciting to me when new upgraded devices come out. I don’t crave the latest techie thing nor do I want to spend my money on new features of something I already have. I kinda prefer to run things into the ground. No, not from neglect! Instead, the conservative mindset of “well…mine still works.” Even if “working” is just barely and simultaneously giving me a royal headache. Case in point: my last phone. I loved my phone. An Android Nexus. It was great and I saw no reason to change even though it had been out shined by the new Pixels. I thought the camera was great and the phone never did me wrong. Then a few months ago it started loosing the battery charge in just a few hours, than an hour…then only worked when plugged in. Kinda of a pain when you are at the grocery store and you can’t access your grocery list because it’s stored on your phone. Or you want to text a client that you are running a few minutes late and your phone turns off. Yup. It was time. *heavy sigh* I bought a new phone. And you know, these days it is basically the price of a new computer.

Where am I going with this? I’ll cut to the chase. Turns out my new fancy Pixel 4 (you’ll be happy to know I got a great Black Friday deal!!) has awesome video capabilities.

I have always wanted to do a little filming (and actually have done some on YouTube and FB in the past) but now that we are all in and having to be a bit more creative with our movement experiences I want to reach out and help you all remember what you can do at home. And as one of my favorite authors, Brene Brown, suggests, “we are wired for connection.”

And as our community is in a state of crisis, heck our world, I want to keep connection, to help where I can, and to stay relevant in your lives.

I truly do.

So here you go….the first of *hopefully* more videos from my home. I’ll stop writing now so you can start watching and MOVING with this first simple video. Three stretches for your calves and hamstrings. Try it and let know what you think. 🙂

In health and connection


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