Reminder: “Breathe with Me” tomorrow at 11:00 am PST

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you get a chance to get outside today and enjoy whatever weather is like in your neck of the woods!

Thank you for your enthusiasm in the “Breathe with Me” class.  I was very excited to see all the sign ups this morning.  That being said, a few of you have reached out and shared that Monday mornings are a hard time to stop, breathe, and destress. Though maybe that is when we need it the most? Just saying… 
Not a problem at all! I get it! Some of you might prefer to do this sort of practice at the end of your day, or after a long bout of studying or working.  That is a GREAT idea.  Luckily, that’s where the recording comes in.  In other words, if you are interested but see yourself in the middle of a meeting or out for a sunny walk at 11:00am PST simply register and I will send you the link by Monday afternoon.

What do we need for class?

Great question! For the first half of class you need a comfortable place to sit.  I will be seated on a chair, but if you prefer your couch, upright in bed, or your car (because it might be your only a quiet space) that is fine, too.  Just be comfortably upright.

The second half of class will be a series of restorative yoga postures and gentle yoga.  Grab 2-3 rolled towels or blankets and a bolster or firm pillow. If you are bed bound, just get comfy!  The idea is to relax and let your body down regulate.  Gentle movement is an added bonus.

Why this class?  Doesn’t everyone know how to breathe?

Yes, we all breathe – that is why we are here! But the fact is many of us suffer from respiratory challenges (chronic asthma, sleep apnea, mouth breathing) and also autoimmune issues which point to a dysregulation of the body.  Learning efficient breathing techniques that you can practice throughout the week is like flexing your breathing muscles.  The more you practice these techniques, the more efficient your respiratory system will be.  Breathing effects everything.  Think about it – without breath we wouldn’t be alive.

Wouldn’t it be better to do a strong yoga practice after? 

Sure, if that was your goal.  In fact, guided breathing techniques have been used to improve elite athletes’ performance and opera singers’ stamina.   But the purposes of this class is to downshift a bit.  Gentle yoga and restorative poses aim to down regulate our central nervous system by calming our “fight, flight and freeze” response and encouraging our “rest and digest” abilities.  Learning how to “actively rest” can be a tool for us during stressful times or when our anxiety is getting the best of us. In addition, practicing restorative yoga can be a gentle practice that is available for many when other more vigorous activities are not possible.

How do I pay?

Class is free! Yay! A class like this would normally be $15-20. So treat yourself to something nice that day (lunch out?) or save your pennies for future self care endeavors. 🙂


Thank you in advance for your time and interest!  I am looking forward to connecting with you in this class or others.