Pilates is movement practice created by its founder, Joseph Pilates.  Joseph created several spring based apparatus as well as hundred of exercises on his equipment and on the mat for floor based exercises. His movements range from beginner to more advanced and are adaptable to anyone’s physical limitations or fitness needs.

What do you want from Pilates? Variety in your fitness program? Relief of back pain that interferes with your work? Greater range of motion and balanced strength so you can perform better in your next athletic competition? Better connection to your breath? More confidence in your body image? I will adapt your Pilates practice to fit your needs.  Joseph was an innovator, and I choose to keep that part of his legacy alive by adapting the poses to feel good in your body and to help you achieve your goals. If we are working in person in the Pilates studio we will make use of all of the apparatus, such as the Reformer, Cadillac or Wunda Chair. Alternatively, by joining me for a Virtual session, you will reap the benefits of Pilates using simply your mat and essential props such as a Pilates Ring, resistance band, or exercise ball. Together we will create an overall workout focused on strengthening, stretching, balance, core stability and alignment — tailored to you.

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