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I hope everyone is having a good week and a fulfilling one, at that.  Did you get your taxes done? It’s getting close, so don’t forget! But hopefully that reminder does not pertain to you.  Fingers crossed you had them done weeks ago and you can enjoy your leisure time as you see fit.  I had to sacrifice a little Sunday “quiet time” to get mine done.  That’s ok. Done and done.

Speaking of not forgetting, don’t think I forgot about mat class! Admittedly it’s been a busy week, but Thursday 10:00am mat class is on repeat in my Google calendar.  If you are ever unsure, or simply want to sign up before the newsletter goes out, remember you can visit my website and click on “Online Sessions and Mat Class” for the most recent link and PayPal button.  

Enjoyed that last newsletter? Read it again at your leisure…

Over the past couple years of sending out the weekly YDP newsletter, many of you have responded on different occasions.  Some of you have wrote how you’ve enjoyed a particular story or how a message resonated with you.  This means a lot to me, as I not only take pride in my writing, but also would be elated if my insights on creating a healthy lifestyle reach more people.  For this reason, I have decided to repost my newsletters here on my Blog.  As time permits, I will be adding to the archives of the last year.   For now, find the most recent newsletters (including this one, obviously! ) here. Please feel free to share it with friends who might enjoy a particular post or story.  You never what might help someone get onto a more healthy track or mindful lifestyle.

As always, thank you.   My work would not be as fulfilling without people like you staying engaged, interested and interesting!

In health and fulfillment,