Nap time

Hand picked flowers

Saturday I took a nap.

I know what you are thinking. Quarantine + two month old baby = lots of naps for Mama. Um, not really. Though my second son is proving to be a very good sleeper, I usually use his nap to be with my oldest son or to get outside to clear my head and get much needed exercise. Sometimes I’m able to eat a meal slowly and with two hands (which is not something to take for granted, people!) or I putter around the house picking up cast away socks, piles of books and little tiny cars that I inevitably trip on. But Saturday afternoon the only thing calling my name was a nap. And while I was sleeping, I had another dream.

This time a friend and I were going on a hike. She was to meet at my house and then we would drive to the trail head together. She arrived a bit early, and I was still getting ready. My husband greeted her at the door and welcomed her inside. He offered her some water and she accepted. My oldest son was delighted to see her and talked to her non stop for seven minutes about what his toy helicopter and crane were doing. I was finally ready and I warmly gave my friend a big hug when I saw her. We said our goodbyes to my family and we headed out in my car. It was a beautiful day in Southern California and we were excited to hit the trails.

I think dreams are little peeks into our subconscious. My dreams of late center around connecting with friends together in celebration or in the beauty of the outdoors. Things clearly that I am craving, but are not possible right now.

What is possible in the realm of connection these days? Virtual family to family living rooms chats with our friends. (Just like in person the adults are trying to catch up and the kids are clamoring in the background!) Reading lovely emails from clients past and present that have shared that it’s a treat to “take class from me again” when they stream the exercises at home. Hearing that some of you are doing these videos with your spouse or your kids, adding an element of connection that I hadn’t thought about initially.

And as for beauty? A small bouquet of flowers (pictured above) from our front yard that my son trimmed himself. The apricot tree in our backyard with hundreds of tiny green apricots. The moody sky and blustery winds that we have been soaking in during our afternoons walks. The countless photos I have of my two sons bonding as each day unfolds.

Sometimes you just have to look for it. You just have to find the ways to fill your heart, soul, and dreamy mind with the connection and beauty it’s craving.

I wonder where you are finding connection and beauty. Is it in a phone call to an old friend? A basket of fruit left on your porch from a neighbor? A walk with your spouse outdoors? I’d love to hear.

As Saturday was for napping, Sunday was for moving. We went for a walk and scooter adventure around the block. We cleaned house. Best of all, I got in some yoga and some filming. Another simple yoga flow that you can tag on to the previous one or do on its own. I hope you’ll try it and enjoy. 🙂 Till next time…

In connection, beauty, and occasional napping,

Yoga Flow 2 from Francine on Vimeo.

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