Like green things? Me too!

Earlier this week…

I watered all my house plants.  It was Sunday morning, actually, the usual day of my bimonthly watering ritual.  The boys were at the park, so Lulu (my four legged child) and I, had the place to ourselves. As I sipped my coffee, I went around the house and gathered all my plants.  I crowded them into my large kitchen sink and dish rack and proceeded to feed them plant food and then give them a good drink of cool, filtered water from my small green watering can.  Then, per usual, I let them be in the sink for a while, knowing that no one would be around to disturb them. They could sit and enjoy their good soak with their fellow plant friends while glistening in the morning sunlight streaming in from the kitchen window.  As I proceeded to putter around my house and drink the last of my coffee, I stopped in each room.  Something struck me.  Devoid of those decadent green leaves that trail from various hand made macrame hangers, bookshelves, mantels or desks the house looked positively VACANT.  My rooms looked monotone and well…lifeless.  I was a little shocked.  After all, I had lived several good years of my life without a single live plant in my house. Keeping anything more than cut flowers was really just a hobby of the last few years…namely, the last two years.  But taking that beauty away from each room even for just a few moments really showed me how much they contributed to the feeling of the room.  Life. Energy. Color!

I feel like the same thing happens to me when my movement practice is put aside for too many days.  Life feels more sluggish. I definitely have a little less energy and a lot less vitality.  That is why I try to make movement a priority each day.  A walk, a yoga practice, a swim or a Pilates workout – one of my favorites to give myself the nourishment of exercise.

This Thursday, St. Patrick’s Day, I will double check that all my greenery has as much water and food as it needs. 🙂 Then I will roll out my mat (next to some of my favorite studio plants, of course) and get moving.