It’s good to be a student again


Well, I have been commenting for months that I need an assistant. Maybe I found one?
As cute as he is, I am grateful to have help from my family on my work days and extra help from my husband this weekend as I attended a virtual live course from Movement Science Made Simple presented by physical therapist, Jeremy Laverdure and Pilates instructor, Cara Reeser.  It was a great refresher on anatomy and physiology of the neck and shoulder complex plus some wonderful teaching gems that I am eager to bring to both my private sessions and my mat class this week.  Are you excited? I am!  

As much as I love teaching (and you all know I do) it was a pleasure to be a student for the weekend.   Learning always ignites my love of teaching…it’s truly the most positive cycle I can think of. I am eager to take more courses and continue to bring more knowledge, variations, and functional movement applications to you, my wonderful students! 

Congratulations are in order!

I am thrilled to announce the birth of Peter Zachary Smith to Lauren and Zach Smith.  Lauren has been a long time YDP client and attended mat class with me throughout both of her pregnancies.  Lauren and Zach welcomed their little bundle into this world on Friday, March 19th after a very quick(!) and successful home birth.  And yes, she did mat class the day before! Lauren, we miss you but encourage you to take all the time you need for rest and recovery!!  Keep sending me baby photos!! 

Thank you…

for your recent referrals of friends, family and patients for private sessions with me.  I very much appreciate your confidence in my teaching.  Please feel free to pass on the information about my weekly mat class by sharing this newsletter.  It really is intended to be user friendly for all levels, baring some exceptions of injury or limitation getting up and down off the floor.   Links are below for class this week.