It’s all how you look at it.

Take a Deep Breath

Happy Easter weekend and Happy Passover friends…

I had a much different newsletter composed to you all earlier this week.  One that talked about trying to order child face masks online that sold out in an hour.  I explained how my frequent walks have changed from constantly getting stopped by neighbors to shoot the breeze to now…well, us talking briefly from door to sidewalk.  I mentioned how strangers used to smile, say hello and comment on the amazing weather.  Now one of us crosses to the other side of the street with just a head nod.  No risk of exchange of airborne anything. I vented about how weird I think Zoom Meet ups are for four year olds (sorry…I said it!) and how awkward social distancing is with kids when they ask if their friend can play in the backyard or come over for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt.

Yikes, I guess I still needed to get that all off my writing desk.

But dear readers, let’s not focus on all that right now.  Let’s again, turn towards the positive.  For my part I am still delighting in some consistent pre-quarantine daily creature comforts – like my delicious aromatic Royal Raspberry Tea from All Things Tea. I was running out last week and rummaged through the cupboard to find something else that would suffice for my morning ritual and nada.  Lucky to find out Donna, one of our very own small business owners here in Camarillo, is still open for business.  Take out “Tea Time in a Box”, sweet treats, savories and best of all her loose tea is available for pick up or tea can be shipped anywhere in the states.  Mmmmm more comforting caffeine is coming to my door in a couple days.  Check it out friends.  I know we all feel passionately about our small businesses surviving this pandemic.

All Things Tea

Ordering groceries online, social distancing with my favorite neighbors, not celebrating Easter with my family…these things leave me feeling a bit, odd. I chose to remind myself that all these efforts are not only for the collective good in my immediate household and neighborhood but for the world.  That each gesture we do – making masks for friends (thank you Judy and Carol!!!), respecting space on much needed outdoor jaunts (thank you conscientious citizens) and checking in on friends, colleagues, and family via whatever virtual media one prefers (let’s hear it for modern technology!) is helping us feel as safe, healthy and connected as is possible right now.

I think my mom summed it up the best.  Yup, I am pretty sure you could have skipped my whole newsletter and just read this…

(I am the blue boxes, she is the grey boxes.)

Convo with mom

It’s all how you look at it.  Thanks mom, for everything. 🙂

And thank you friends, for taking the time to read and connect here. Be safe and well and have a wonderful holiday, however you are able to celebrate.


PS To end the week, I am throwing a little more yoga your way.  This one is more challenging especially in terms of balance.  Have a soft towel for under your knee and practice near a wall for safety. Good luck and enjoy 🙂  As always, let me know how you like it and what you would like to see next.

Yoga Flow 3 from Francine on Vimeo.

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