I had a dream

Side plank on a hike

I few nights I awoke from a very vivid dream.  I was on my way to celebrate the birthday of a good friend.  It was to be just the three of us – the birthday boy, his wife who is a long time friend of mine, and myself.   We knew we could only get together in small groups. (Even in this dream there was some sort of pandemic going on but, as dreams go, the details were blurry.) I was excited to celebrate my friend, though I remember feeling reserved on my way to them.  I felt safe but at the same time very cautious.  Then, when I got to the location something glorious occurred.  We were all together.  Everyone was there.  You were there. I was there.  All my friends were there.  Coworkers, past clients, new clients. Neighbors. It was a huge party. I recall pulling my good friend aside, the wife of the birthday boy, to say…‘I had no idea it was so many people.  I wouldn’t have come had I known. But I am so glad I’m here!’  I danced, I ate, I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while.  It was awesome.

I think many of us are having this dream even while we are awake.  We are thinking of a time when quarantine will be over, “safer at home” will be a thing of the past, and once again we can chink glasses with our friends and family at our favorite haunts. We can reschedule our birthday lunches, re-book our celebratory occasions, and catch up in person with our colleagues and coworkers.  I know, it sounds great doesn’t it?

But for now, each day I am finding the awesome in “safer at home.”  Like spending a lot of time in my yard with my son.  FaceTime with my mom to see her content, healthy and happy in her home.  Listening to Storytime with Mrs. Figs from the comfort my couch.  Writing more.  Dabbling in exercise videos.  Eating way too much dark chocolate.

Of course there are challenges.  1300 square foot of space with a husband who is working full time from home including conducting live classes, an energetic four year old, an infant and a small dog who is wondering why she gets less walks.  I always new I was a homebody but a stay at homebody is a whole different thing.  Still, I feel so strongly about doing my part to keep myself and my community safer by staying in that I am 100% up for the challenge.

Today, Monday, my little family will try to get into more of a routine. We will have triumphs and we will have fails. But we will persevere and try again Tuesday.  Then Wednesday, and so on.  And at times I will muse over that dream. That great big party.  But hopefully, much more often I will stay present to my life right now and my resources at hand.  Like the brilliance of the internet, my own computer on which to type these ramblings to you and my smartphone to record videos. We are wired for connection.  And if we can’t connect in person just yet, I am so glad we can do so here.

And on that note. Let’s do some exercise together.

From one stay at homebody to another,



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