How is it so quiet around here? This is how…

I had to laugh…

when, nearly a year ago, a new client said to me, “I didn’t even know you had kids!”  She had learned of them through one of my newsletters but had never “heard them in the background” while I was teaching.  Nor had she seen them suddenly open the door and appear on screen.  She hadn’t experienced me pausing class or a session to go attend to a cry or a want or a need.  Not that any of that would have been bad or even unprofessional.  After all, for the better part of two years we all squeezed our lives into the confines of our walls.  But the fact that my client knew not of their existence even while both kids were home full time during the Pandemic, largely has to do with the unending support and dedication of YDP’s MVP (most valuable player) – my mom.  She’s the one who arrives at my house by 8am so I can get ready for my day of teaching.  It is her, and her alone, who takes the kids to the park during the week, brings holiday crafts to punctuate the seasons and listens to their endless stories and concerts.  She makes them breakfast, feeds them lunch, rocks them to sleep, and now, with the oldest having completed nearly a solid year of school, listens with eager ears about the adventures of the day.  Before I moved my work out of our house and into my studio, she would keep the kiddos quiet when we shared walls.  I know it was hard, and a bit stressful, but the effort she made helped me focus on my work.  By her supporting me, I could help you all – my wonderful YDP community. 

This past week my mother celebrated 80 years on this planet. Eighty years young for sure!!  Our celebration for her was simple, because that is what she wanted. It included a delicious dinner planned and partially cooked by my six year old, scrumptious ice cream from the local creamery, and a gift of fine pearl earrings.  (Because, really, pearls and turning 80 seem like a classic match!) I felt a little bad that it wasn’t more grand, but when my mom looked me in the eyes and said…”Trust me, Francine, this is just what I wanted. It was perfect,” I knew better than to doubt her.  For it’s the love and support that we show each other throughout the year, not just on our celebratory days, that makes our relationship so special.

Thanks mom, for all you do for my business, my family, and for our relationship. I love you to bits. I know, I know…you love me more. ;-).

In gratitude for the best MVP and loving mom a girl could ask for,