Go with the flow…a yoga flow

Me and my boys

This week I…

*went on lovely walks with my son
*cuddled my new baby
*missed my mom like crazy
*moved when I could, but sat quite a bit
*snacked often (maybe too often?)
*spent A LOT of time in my living room
*read from a real book (not just my phone)
*worried. cried a little.
*laughed, talked to friends, texted oh so many friends
*used Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime more than I did when I traveled
*did some yoga

mmmmm yoga

And since the yoga felt so good, I thought I’d share a little.  A ten minute routine you can do anytime at home. I hope you try it and let me know how it feels. As always, listen to your body, try what feels good and stop if it doesn’t.  (But don’t worry…it’s a user friendly routine!)  Progress over perfection, folks!  Let’s get you moving.

Till next time,

Yoga Flow 1 from Francine on Vimeo.

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