It’s time (as always) to Give Thanks


Happy Fall & Thanksgiving dear friends!
This time of year always has me reflecting on the gratitude I have for every aspect of my work.  The practice of Pilates & Yoga are very satisfying to teach, but moreover, the connection I feel working with people one on one is incredibly fulfilling. Thank you all for showing up, being you, and committing to improving your quality of life through movement.

So, who is excited for turkey and pumpkin pie? I know what I am excited to eat…a fresh green salad with permissions from my tree and my mom’s *famous* cheesecake!  But before I load up on that (as well as turkey & mashed potatoes, of course) I am looking forward to hosting my Second Annual Thanksgiving Pilates Mat Class at Camarillo Pilates. This class will be all level, so that everyone feels welcome to join. A sweaty workout it may not be, but a feel good movement practice with core strengthening, stretching and both challenging poses and modifications it will be.  I’d love to have you join this holiday class. Like last year, this year’s class will be solely donation based to a non-profit who’s dedicated work is needed more and more each year. Please see below for more details.

Thanksgiving Day Mat Class

Where: Camarillo Pilates
Time: 8:30am-9:30am
Suggested Donation: $15
Sign Up: Reply to this email, limited to 12 participants
Thank you Camarillo Pilates for donating the space!

100% of the donations for this class will be sent to the Sandy Hook Promise which “educates and empowers parents, schools and community organizations on how to prevent gun violence BEFORE it happens by providing mental health & wellness early-identification and intervention programs, gun safety storage practices and advocating for sensible state and federal violence prevention policy.”

Thank you again to those who joined me last year.  We donated over $200 dollars to the Martin Richard Foundation which promotes peace, kindness and inclusion through sportsmanship and community service.

May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

In gratitude & hope,


‘Happy Anniversary to me!!’

Celebrating the…

One Year Anniversary of ydp apparel!

This November marks one year since Your Daily Practice launched it’s first design.  In 12 months we have created a number of Pilates Inspired tops that I am so happy to say many of you have enjoyed in and out of the studio or purchased as gifts for your Pilates enthusiast friend or family member. Thank you so much for your patronage and support! What better way to celebrate than a beautiful new logo designed by Carol Gravelle Graphic Design specifically for YDP apparel.  Isn’t it pretty?

YDP Apparel Logo Gold Fill In

Last but not least, since I love birthdays and anniversaries, I have little gift for both my local and online shoppers.



Local shoppers: Enjoy 10% percent off all merchandise! Browse on my Etsy Shop, but message me with your style and size preference and I will send you your adjusted bill.  Pick up at Camarillo Pilates in Camarillo, CA.*

Online Shoppers: Free shipping on all US orders with no minimum.  Because Free Shipping is AWESOME!*

I hope you have fun shopping for yourself or holiday shopping for the person in your life that is obsessed with Pilates.  (Don’t we all know someone?)

Again, thank you for your style choices this past year.  Stay tuned for a new design being released in the coming months!



*offer through November 25th, 2019

Wunda Chair Shirt Launch!

…because we all really do love the Wunda.

Come Sit Racerback Tank
Racerback Tank

First of all, thank you for your patience!  Carol and I have been SO EXCITED about this shirt for some time but we had a few pauses along the way.  But here it is!!  I have produced it in a breathable 100% cotton racerback tank and (by popular demand) a flowy style made up of polyester and vicose. The cotton tank is a more fitted look, while the super soft scoop neck tee is a more relaxed style. Both would look adorable on their own AND you know I am a big fan of layering.  Throw on a cute jean jacket over that racerback tank on your way to the studio, or slip a fun sports bra or thin shirt under the flowy top.  Wouldn’t that look great?

And here is more good news….unlike previous shirt releases these tops are ready NOW! No pre-order wait necessary! Wahoo! That being said, tops and sizes are limited to current inventory. So how do you order? Visit my website to view the available sizes and sizing chart.  Then fill out the order form and await your email that your order has been processed. Simple enough, eh?

Happy shopping!

Flowy Top Size Small

SO soft and flowy…almost hides my 18 week Baby Bump 😉
I can’t wait to see you in yours!!

In health, fashion, and gratitude,

It’s a Boy!!!

Hey everyone!!

Yup, yup…it’s been a while since I wrote a newsletter or posted on Instagram.  I guess you can say I have been a bit…preoccupied.  But here I am with a little break from business to announce that I am 18 weeks pregnant with our second baby boy!!
It's A Boy!
Truth be told I have been quite sick for the last three months, so I apologize if you haven’t heard from me. I SO wanted to feel better so I could celebrate properly, and I am happy to say that my energy and appetite improved just in time to host a little “Reveal Party” for my family.  My husband and I didn’t know the gender, so we all found out together with the help of amazing custom cupcakes from Karma Bakery in Westlake.  Vegan and gluten free and a BIG success with our guests.  Thank you to our wonderful friends the Blaggs for picking up the cupcakes and taking such great pictures.
Blue cupcakes
My husband is still getting over his shock that it is not a girl (this will be the eighth boy cousin on his side!!!) but we are both thrilled and Giove was excited to see his favorite color inside his cupcake 🙂
As you can see from the background we are fully equipped with trucks, dirt and climbing walls.  Our first son, Giove, has prepped us well.  (Btw, doesn’t he look adorable in his new little glasses?) All we need now is a name for #2. Suggestions welcome. 🙂

so surprised


As always, thanks for taking the time to read and connect, and so much thanks to my clients who have been patient, understanding and down right AWESOME while I wasn’t feeling well the last couple months.

Back to business in the next newsletter…but for now, I am going to see if there are any leftover cupcakes. 🙂

In health, love and growing a human,


July is Diastasis Awareness Month

July News

Established by my mentor and faculty advisor, Carolyne Anthony, founder of the Center for Women’s Fitness, July is Diastasis Awareness Month.  It was created to educate women (and men) on a relatively common but much less talked about issue.  So what is it? The diastasis recti (DR) is most commonly talked about in terms of a separation or stretching of the rectus abdominus muscles.  This can cause a host of issues if left unresolved such as weakness, instability of core muscles, back pain, and even bladder dysfunction. A DR separation can be caused by various events such as a trauma to the body, childbirth, a C-section, and perhaps most surprising to you, my reader –  repeated incorrect body mechanics in exercise.  In our practice of Pilates, a simple example would be allowing the abdominals to “pouch” rather than properly engaging during an exercise such as abdominal curls, hundreds, or teaser. When I first heard of DR separation I was told by a well meaning physical therapist that the only way to fix it was by surgery.  But this is simply not true! If you are concerned you have a diastasis separation I encourage you to bring it up in our next session. We can check.  Not all separation is significant, but if yours is I will suggest exercise modifications and recommendations to release, realign and restore this important abdominal fascia.

Thank you Carolyne for encouraging us teachers to spread the word that help is as close as one’s next Pilates session!

Local Spotlight: Acupuncture for what ailed me

Most of you know that I got quite sick in the beginning of June while traveling in Italy. It took several weeks to recover from the digestive distress I experienced due to the severity of the symptoms, and some genetic issues with my liver. While I am grateful for my doctors who promptly saw me upon my return to California and ordered the appropriate labs, I have so much appreciation for my appointments with Christina Pabers, L.Ac. at the Acupuncture Natural Health Center here in Camarillo.  Christina treated me with traditional Chinese acupuncture, acupressure, a couple supplements and many dietary recommendations.  I truly feel a positive turning point in my recovery was because of her knowledge and expertise, and after her sessions I had significant improvements.  Many of you have asked me for Christina’s contact information, so here you go! If you have any questions on what a session is like I happy to share more.

Acupuncture Natural Health Center
Christina Pabers, L.Ac.
215 E. Daily Dr. Camarillo, CA

So is the new shirt out yet?

Not yet! But they are coming, I promise!  I just can’t rush the process – lots of time, care and detail go into creating each design. From the exact color tone of the image to the right feel of the fabric, everything needs to be just right before I give the printer the go ahead.  But spoiler alert: I will tell you there is going to be a tank and a flowy top option (by popular demand) so that you can chose the fit and style that is good  for you.  Remember that you can shop the current styles (like the one shown above) on my website at  Enjoy free shipping on any purchase. 🙂


Yup, I could definitely keep writing but I will stop there for now and save more information for future newsletters.  As always thank you for reading! If there is someone you know who might benefit from the information here please feel free to pass it on or direct them to my website or Instagram page @yourdailypractice.   To all my clients, I look forward to seeing you the studio or online at our next session!

In seeking our best health,


PS Thanks to all who took the time to vote for me and Camarillo Pilates in the Ventura Country Reporter’s Poll.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to Mamas everywhere!!! Whether you nurture children, animals, or even plants 🙂 I wish you a happy, wholesome day full of self care, a bit of indulgence and lots of love.

Did you know…

It took me ten years to be ready to become a mother.  Some decisions take time!! But as I reflect on that life changing move I am reminded how it has helped me have the confidence to take other risks in life. Like completing the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain with my husband and (then) 18 month old son.  Like leaving a comfortable work environment to manage my own clientele.  Like starting a line of Pilates inspired shirts simply because I have a creative streak and I want to try. And, on the daily, continuing to contribute to a community of people who love to be well, move well and consistently improve their quality of life. That’s YOU!

I thought you might be interested in…

Buff Bites™

Most of you know I am faculty for Buff Bones®, created by my dear friend and colleague Rebekah Rotstein. Her newest product, Buff Bites™, delivers a daily dose of exercise to your inbox Monday-Friday. Those of you who love attending my Buff Bones® class and want more should check this out!

Foot Health

I have been telling many of you about the clever little exercise ball I use to roll out my feet to avoid cramps and to keep plantar fasciitis at bay.  A client of mine has even found relief from acute numbness in the feet. This is not a paid endorsement (but maybe it should be!!!) – I simply wanted to share the link.  You’re welcome. 🙂

Last but not least…

As much as I love being your fearless leader I can’t grow this community of like-minded movers and cute T-shirt wearers myself! If someone comes to mind whom you think might benefit from this information I’d be so grateful if you share my website with them, send them to the shop page or direct them to my Instagram account.

And as always…

Thank you!

In health and love for our mothers,


Pilates Lovers, It’s March MATness

*the following is a copy of the YDP March Newsletter*

March MATness? Don’t you mean March MADness?

You read that right! In the Pilates community the big buzz this month has been “March MATness.” It is a movement started by Benjamin Degenhardt, a classically trained Pilates instructor, celebrating the original 34 mat exercises created by Joseph Pilates.  For several years now, instructors from all over the world have participated via social media, posting pictures of themselves or clients demonstrating the exercises.  What a great use of Facebook and Instagram to motivate us to practice Joe’s mat work!  Check out the picture collage above of some my Instagram postings from 2017. 🙂

This year I asked myself, how can I can celebrate March MATness with in my own community? The answer? Offering a Classical Pilates Mat Pop Up Class, of course!

If you are free and able, join me March 31st from 10:15am to 11:30am at Camarillo Pilates.  This will be a Classical Pilates Mat working many of the 34 original Pilates mat exercises developed by Joseph Pilates.  The level of the course will be intermediate and the pace rhythmic and challenging.*  Be ready to sweat and practice exercises such as teaser, boomerang and swan dive! Details below…

Where: Camarillo Pilates
When: Sunday, March 31st 10:15am to 11:30am
Price: $20
To Register at

*Given the nature of the Classical Pilates mat work, this class is not recommended for those with osteoporosis, those in their second or third trimester of pregnancy, or those rehabbing a recent injury or surgery.


Buff Bones® In San Fran

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of teaching my 7th Teacher Training as Buff Bones® faculty.  Thank you EHS Pilates for hosting and good luck to all the new grads! Looking for a Buff Bones® class in your area? Visit to search for a licensed instructor.

Buff Bones® in Camarillo

Join me at Camarillo Pilates each Thursday at 11:00am for Buff Bones® mat class! We strengthen our muscles, build bone and work on our balance.  Light weights, resistance bands and foam rollers are used and provided.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you in the studio or online.

In health and movement,

My space, Your space, Our space

Recently, I was thinking back to the first bios I wrote as a new yoga or Pilates Instructor.  They included the usual list of certifications and information about my formal education.  I also recall including a line about safety that said something like, “My goal is to challenge my clients with diverse workouts while also keeping them safe.” At the time, especially being a new teacher, I wanted people to know I would keep their physical safety my utmost priority to avoid new injury or even flaring up an old one.  I have always been a cautious person and that characteristic was manifesting in my teaching.  I was working on gaining trust, and being careful and safe was familiar to me.

A couple months ago, a client whom I have been working with for several years came in noticeably upset.  After a big hug, I asked her if she wanted to talk about what was bothering her. She did, and I listened.  A few more tears were shed but talking helped her feel better. As she wiped her eyes with a tissue she said, “I am sorry to bring this into your space.” I smiled at her. “My space?” I asked. “This is your space.  Our space.”

I reflected on this conversation later that day.  I realized that unconsciously, somewhere in my 13 years of teaching I had continued to make physical safety a priority, but had also held an emotional safe space for my clientele.  Beyond roll ups, teasers, and short spines, holding a space for people to open up and share what is going on in their life has become just as important and significant as protecting an old injury or helping them manage recurring back pain.

As a new teacher, I found this very difficult.  Over a decade ago if a client started to dive into something personal I would earnestly try to get him or her to focus on the movement practice rather than share the story.  Even if I had a “relatable” example I would rarely share a personal story myself.  And you know, what? That’s ok, too.  I was new and holding space was new for me.  But somewhere along the way, something changed.  Maybe it’s because I have had the privilege of working with some individuals for many years.   Perhaps it’s because I am more comfortable in my own skin.  Maybe it is because I have found my voice, and want others to know theirs, too.   Whatever the reason,  I no longer feel bad or guilty if the first 10 minutes of a session are a heart to heart.  I know no longer feel like we are “wasting time” or that we “need to just get to the Pilates.” I also feel like my personal walls are not up so high.  Words I say might be a game changer, a light bulb moment, or very best…words of comfort for the individual sitting on the Cadillac in front of me. Sure there are boundaries and I am no therapist, but I am honored to be called a friend.  Some days holding space for people in a grounded, empathetic, and safe way is the best and most significant part of the session.  In fact, it might be my very best work.

In health and friendship,


Meaningful conversations happen in threes

We have all heard the phrase “good things happen in threes” but what about good, meaningful conversations? It happened to me.  That’s what I find myself reflecting on as my son and I parallel play.  (Yup, you read that right.  He digs deep into the dirt with his shovel and trucks, and I dig deep into my thoughts and musings with pen and paper.)

Three times this week I heard myself having the same conversation with three different clients, all who had their own unique story.  One was describing a difficult relationship, another how she felt after an awkward confrontation, and the third her frustration with a nagging injury that was taking more time than expected to heal. All distinct. All legit. But what was similar was my response.   What was that response?  I told them that they were sensitive.  That’s right, sensitive.  Did you shirk?  Did you cringe? I don’t blame you.  However, I meant it in a 100% positive and affirmative way.  Let me explain.

Until recently, I too, despised this word when it was directed at me or even when it was directed at someone I love or care for.   You see, growing up the description of ‘sensitive’ or the phrase “you are being too sensitive” was wrought with negativity.  It was usually meant as a diminutive dig, tossed in the middle of an argument or used as a dismissive comment to finish off a conversation.  Being sensitive meant being soft, weak, maybe even a bother to be around.  To be called sensitive was effeminate if you were male, weepy if you were female.  It was a down right ego killer in moments of emotional exhaustion.   I wonder if you can relate.  But now, as an adult, I realize it was also something else.  Being sensitive was misunderstood.

Back to the three conversations.   After listening to my clients (really, truly listening with an open, empathetic heart) I started with “You are sensitive” and continued with the following,  “…thus you are not numb.  You feel the world, humanity and other people’s energy. You are not apathetic to sensations.”  In the case of the client struggling with her own feelings of frustration with her nagging physical discomfort I added, “…you are body aware and open to listening to what your body is trying to tell you.”  And to all three clients, I completed  my thoughts with “This is all good!”

The beautiful and satisfying thing for me, was that because these people have trust in me (and I in them) I didn’t have to do much explaining of my word choice.  I didn’t have to go into my past experience.  That being said, I did share that I was actively redefining this particular word to hold a more positive connotation in my life, and in the lives of those I care about.

So why is this all good? What could possibly be good about feeling, about not being numb, about listening? Well, I am of the persuasion that being sensitive or in tune with what, who, or how things bother us gives us information.  It keeps us awake and attentive to situations where we feel uncomfortable, relationships that may need re-calibration or a reset of our own expectations.  To me, being sensitive is being aware.  And often, awareness calls us into action.

For my part, the ability to redefine a word that was negatively charged is a game changer.  It is liberating, and an affirmation that we truly can create the world we want to live in by altering our mindset.

I hope today you feel. I hope you connect to yourself or people you love. I hope you are sensitive to the beautiful world around you.

In health and mindfulness,



Thank you 2018, Hello 2019!

It’s been a fulfilling year…

Exactly 12 months ago I was getting ready to make a big transition out of the comfort of a work environment I had known for six years and into a place where I would be the ‘newbie’ again.  Not knowing if clients would follow me, I made the decision independent of anyone knowing but clear that I needed the change in order to grow both professionally and personally. I took a leap and landed on soft ground, with my full client list in tow. I’m so incredibly happy I did. During this year, like any other, we all experienced highs and lows.  Our community faced devastation, some of us received difficult news in regards to our health, and still others lost close family members.  But we also welcomed new babies, celebrated business successes and laughed over silly things that happened to us. 

This past year I taught two Buff Bones Teacher Trainings, created and held a new workshop, Restorative Pilates, raised money for The Martin Richard Foundation, and produced my first Pilates inspired tops and tanks. I also reconnected with some Pilates colleagues and completed continuing education.  And best of all, spent quality time with my family.

It goes without saying that I connected more fully with YOU, my community. Together we worked toward the common goal of improving your strength – both inside and out.  Seeing those changes and gains in you were some of the most gratifying moments of 2018 for me. I also experienced the super gratifying support of many of you pre-ordering my shirt designs before they even hit the printing press.  Thank you so much (and stay tuned for more designs!)

As your teacher/coach/motivator/friend I want you to know that in 2019 my goal for our time together is the same: being present, being connected, and working to encourage or inspire you.  As we reflect on the last year, let us hold on to what feels good and let go of what does not fulfill us.  Let’s enter the new year confident yet vulnerable, strong yet soft, and determined yet flexible.  And of course, let’s look forward to more Roll Downs, Teasers and Wunda Chair challenges! 🙂  Thank you for contributing to a great year for me and YDP. Let’s continue to support each other in 2019. See you in the studio!