A different kind of quiet…

Each Sunday…

I get a chance to have some quiet time.  My husband takes the boys out for a few hours for their Sunday morning rituals which includes outdoor mass, DONUTS, and some time playing at the park.  Often they run into friends, so the kids and Dad get some social time, as well. (You can see why it’s a big win all around!)  While they are out, I am on my own. Usually I enjoy a walk by myself, some yoga, a chat with a friend over coffee or just tidying around our home in my jammies enjoying the quiet.  I love…let me repeat…LOVE, quiet. 

This Sunday I experienced a different kind of quiet.  I had the opportunity to help a friend and colleague with a project she is co-developing.  I contributed some exercises and tutorials of my go-to movements I often recommend for clients.  In between takes, a team adjusted lighting, fixed the set, re-adjusted the lighting….and then filmed me doing what I love to do.  Even though my Sunday did not get its usual dose of quiet time, experiencing “Quiet on the set! We are rolling!!” was a pretty great experience as well.  Showing up just as myself and sharing my knowledge of movement filled me up in a different way than my usual Sunday solitude.  But you know, there was a common link.  Both situations were examples of being true to myself and my values.  Recharging on my own is important, AND showing up for others for a bigger vision is also important.  Having that regular quiet time on Sundays refuels me after a busy week while also giving me perspective to zoom out and discern what projects get my extra energy and free time.

What about you? How do you recharge? How do you chose to spend your ‘extra’ time?  Given the chance, sometimes it is through mindful movement that we can find clarity in our headspace.  I wonder if that happens for you. I encourage you to try to carve that time for yourself.  Perhaps this week in mat class?

In quiet and zooming out,