It’s been a year…

All month long…

I have been trying to find something brilliant to say on the anniversary (or there about) of this year of global pandemic.  A poem of hope, perhaps? A collage of “Twelve Months in Photos”?   Insightful prose or remarkable accomplishments?  But to be honest, all I have for you, dear reader, is me.   And the “me” today hears you, sees you, and feels you.  It’s been a complicated year and, like any other, we all have a unique story. Own it. Be it. Allow it.  Then maybe…little by little…simply move on.

I feel a little more grounded than I did a year ago.  More at peace and armed with more knowledge and new tools to navigate this new world.  A bit more hopeful, and a whole lot better at being empathetic.  I will continue to try to look at each day and opportunity with fresh eyes.  With fresh thoughts. With fresh moves.  🙂

ahhhhhhhh (deep breath)

Now speaking of those fresh moves, I hope you will join me this week.

Move with Me this Thursday

Move with Me is a combination of Pilates, Yoga and Functional Movement. The class is gentle enough for most levels and can also be layered for more challenge. This week we will be using the Theraband for adding stretching, resistance and balance challenge.  Don’t have Therabands? Come anyway and move with us or buy a set here.  Class is $15 payable via PayPal or Venmo @francine-a-hernandez.   Register here or click on the image below.

Don’t forget that if you can’t make class you can still Move with Me throughout the week. Simply register and pay for class and a link will be sent to you Thursday afternoon to use for the following week at your leisure.  And don’t worry, the camera only records me. You don’t have to worry if Fido or Fluffy are hanging around the iPad.

Thanks for listening & connecting.  As always you can find me via Instagram, Vimeo or on my website from the links below.  Be well, stay safe and keep moving!

Best, Francine