July is Diastasis Awareness Month

July News

Established by my mentor and faculty advisor, Carolyne Anthony, founder of the Center for Women’s Fitness, July is Diastasis Awareness Month.  It was created to educate women (and men) on a relatively common but much less talked about issue.  So what is it? The diastasis recti (DR) is most commonly talked about in terms of a separation or stretching of the rectus abdominus muscles.  This can cause a host of issues if left unresolved such as weakness, instability of core muscles, back pain, and even bladder dysfunction. A DR separation can be caused by various events such as a trauma to the body, childbirth, a C-section, and perhaps most surprising to you, my reader –  repeated incorrect body mechanics in exercise.  In our practice of Pilates, a simple example would be allowing the abdominals to “pouch” rather than properly engaging during an exercise such as abdominal curls, hundreds, or teaser. When I first heard of DR separation I was told by a well meaning physical therapist that the only way to fix it was by surgery.  But this is simply not true! If you are concerned you have a diastasis separation I encourage you to bring it up in our next session. We can check.  Not all separation is significant, but if yours is I will suggest exercise modifications and recommendations to release, realign and restore this important abdominal fascia.

Thank you Carolyne for encouraging us teachers to spread the word that help is as close as one’s next Pilates session!

Local Spotlight: Acupuncture for what ailed me

Most of you know that I got quite sick in the beginning of June while traveling in Italy. It took several weeks to recover from the digestive distress I experienced due to the severity of the symptoms, and some genetic issues with my liver. While I am grateful for my doctors who promptly saw me upon my return to California and ordered the appropriate labs, I have so much appreciation for my appointments with Christina Pabers, L.Ac. at the Acupuncture Natural Health Center here in Camarillo.  Christina treated me with traditional Chinese acupuncture, acupressure, a couple supplements and many dietary recommendations.  I truly feel a positive turning point in my recovery was because of her knowledge and expertise, and after her sessions I had significant improvements.  Many of you have asked me for Christina’s contact information, so here you go! If you have any questions on what a session is like I happy to share more.

Acupuncture Natural Health Center
Christina Pabers, L.Ac.
215 E. Daily Dr. Camarillo, CA

So is the new shirt out yet?

Not yet! But they are coming, I promise!  I just can’t rush the process – lots of time, care and detail go into creating each design. From the exact color tone of the image to the right feel of the fabric, everything needs to be just right before I give the printer the go ahead.  But spoiler alert: I will tell you there is going to be a tank and a flowy top option (by popular demand) so that you can chose the fit and style that is good  for you.  Remember that you can shop the current styles (like the one shown above) on my website at http://yourdailypractice.com/shop/.  Enjoy free shipping on any purchase. 🙂


Yup, I could definitely keep writing but I will stop there for now and save more information for future newsletters.  As always thank you for reading! If there is someone you know who might benefit from the information here please feel free to pass it on or direct them to my website or Instagram page @yourdailypractice.   To all my clients, I look forward to seeing you the studio or online at our next session!

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