Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to Mamas everywhere!!! Whether you nurture children, animals, or even plants 🙂 I wish you a happy, wholesome day full of self care, a bit of indulgence and lots of love.

Did you know…

It took me ten years to be ready to become a mother.  Some decisions take time!! But as I reflect on that life changing move I am reminded how it has helped me have the confidence to take other risks in life. Like completing the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain with my husband and (then) 18 month old son.  Like leaving a comfortable work environment to manage my own clientele.  Like starting a line of Pilates inspired shirts simply because I have a creative streak and I want to try. And, on the daily, continuing to contribute to a community of people who love to be well, move well and consistently improve their quality of life. That’s YOU!

I thought you might be interested in…

Buff Bites™

Most of you know I am faculty for Buff Bones®, created by my dear friend and colleague Rebekah Rotstein. Her newest product, Buff Bites™, delivers a daily dose of exercise to your inbox Monday-Friday. Those of you who love attending my Buff Bones® class and want more should check this out!

Foot Health

I have been telling many of you about the clever little exercise ball I use to roll out my feet to avoid cramps and to keep plantar fasciitis at bay.  A client of mine has even found relief from acute numbness in the feet. This is not a paid endorsement (but maybe it should be!!!) – I simply wanted to share the link.  You’re welcome. 🙂

Last but not least…

As much as I love being your fearless leader I can’t grow this community of like-minded movers and cute T-shirt wearers myself! If someone comes to mind whom you think might benefit from this information I’d be so grateful if you share my website with them, send them to the shop page or direct them to my Instagram account.

And as always…

Thank you!

In health and love for our mothers,