Giving Back: The Martin Richard Foundation & Team MR8

There are days when I feel like the impact I am making in the world is just beyond my backyard. For a long time, I have desired to be a part of something bigger. Lucky for me, I have inspiring, altruistic friends who live by example. In 2013, my dear friend and long time runner, Vicky Shen, was in the Boston Marathon. She finished the race, only to find out devastating news…that there had been a bomb attack. Later she learned that one of the young athletes who she coached weekly was tragically killed. But out of grief, pain, frustration and sadness Vicky, and many others have kept running. The family of the little boy who died so untimely developed a foundation, The Martin Richard Foundation, whose mission helps young people to learn, grow and lead through volunteerism and community engagement. They advance sportsmanship, inclusion, and peace. They choose kindness, they build bridges. They strive to always do more. ​​

When I went out on my own earlier this year, I decided The MRF would be Your Daily Practice’s charity for 2018, and I am proud to say that 5% of the earnings from first quarter have already been donated to this wonderful nonprofit. Your sessions do you good, me good, and the children of the future a WORLD of good.Together, we #domore. Visit to learn more about this amazing organization.

Yesterday, when I checked my mail, there was a surprise from Vicky, who is now a board member of MRF. She sent me my very own Boston 2018 Team MR8 shirt. Team MR8 is Boston’s home team for the Boston Marathon. Runners raise money for MRF as they train for the race. Team MR8 describes themselves as a movement, to help youth learn grow and lead. Wearing this shirt and and holding my 2.5 half year old son in my arms makes me feel good about the future, and about being part of something bigger. Boston has always held a special place in my heart, and I look forward to one day taking my son to visit “Martin’s Park” adjacent to the Boston Children’s Museum.

Thank you all for reading. To learn more about MRF and Team MR8 visit

In health and hope for the future,