Slow please, pedestrians crossing.

I’ve never done anything very fast. In fact, I recall being in swimming lessons and begging my best friend to kick slower with her paddle board so I wouldn’t be the last one to cross the pool. I think I bribed her with stickers. If I was growing up these days, I would probably have to bribe my Bestie with iTunes gift cards or fidgit spinners. Recently, I was reminded that I’m not the fastest fish in the sea by two different individuals in two very distinct ways.  

The first was an affirmation from a family member when I said that I felt like I was slow at a certain task. They agreed with me, which stung like a bee sting right to my heart!! OUCH!!!. Why was this so hard to admit, and to hear? Most likely because in our society, doing things s.l.o.w doesn’t really get a lot of cheers. Fast paced, multi-tasking, well rounded individuals are often quickly deemed successful. In life everyone is looking for fast – fast food, fast internet, fast delivery, fast friends, fast track…fast, fast, fast. Admittedly this is not how I operate. I don’t like fast. But realizing my ego was hurt, my loved one changed the comment to: “You just like to take your time.”

Yes, yes I do.

The second delivery came about two weeks later, from a private client of mine who, in the middle of her Pilates session with me stopped and said, “I’ve realized what makes you different from other Pilates instructors, and what makes my experience in your Pilates mat class different and more enjoyable for me. You don’t rush us. You allow us to take our time.”

There it was again….taking one’s time.

I acknowledge that there are times in life when one needs to rush. Like, when everyone is hungry and you need to get dinner on the table ASAP.* But I also believe that there has to be a spotlight of time in everyone’s day when there is no hurrying, sort of like a “No Rush Zone.”

This week I encourage you to find that time, to take YOUR time.  Heck, maybe you already do. Then I encourage you to do what I chose to do.  Own it. Yep – own it, share it, and hope more people drink the Kool-Aid. Because slowing down maybe just what we all need.  

Wishes for a slower paced week ahead,