Pilates for Who?

One of my favorite questions regarding Pilates was posed to me several years ago.  “Who would benefit from practicing Pilates?” In short? Everyone. From its focus on breathing, to its benefits for posture and balance, to its adaptability of the exercises, and the infamous core strengthening, Pilates truly has something for every body.  A Pilates practice can be a simple as rolling out a mat and completing any of the 34 original exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, incorporating more variety with his Pilates ring, or ultimately getting one of the spring based pieces of equipment that push and pull your body in ways that no other exercise machine truly can.  Many will say that Joseph Pilates was ahead of his time, and I wholeheartedly agree. Developing the exercises during WWI, Joseph first worked with injured soldiers, then traveled to New York where his studio saw the likes of famous dancers such as Martha Graham. Pilates is truly adaptable, whether utilised for restorative and therapeutic purposes, or as part of a rigorous athletic routine.  

Over a decade ago, Pilates took me by surprise. Honestly, having been “committed” to yoga for so many years, I didn’t think I would like Pilates.  But as I learned the method, practiced with a mentor, and studied the exercises I felt the benefits in my body.

What about you? Was it love at first “Hundreds?” How have you benefited from Pilates?